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This working from home business is hard going!  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!  But, in the whole scheme of things, I wouldn’t change it for anything.  What I have changed recently however, is my working location.  I had originally been camping out in the top room – the previous junk dumping location of the house hold but it just wasn’t doing it for me so I am now camped out in the corner of the living room with a view of the garden, mad collies at my feet and feel very much more part of the world!

I really had no idea just how hard this was all going to be.  Being the eternal optimist I thought – crazy woman gives up day job – has idea for new website – spends what little money she has on getting external help to build the site – writes articles like she is possessed on a daily basis and then expects life and the universe will just take over at that point.  Not so, I am having to learn totally geeky publishing things I didn’t even know existed two months ago and if I am totally honest, never dreamt I would be at this place at 50!  But here we are, and failure is just not an option so it’s onwards and upwards.

It’s quite a strange existence writing massive amounts of copy on a daily basis.  Today for example I have covered everything from Child maintenance and divorce to car maintenance for beginners and family budgeting – never a dull moment in my life!  What I am really looking forward to after the launch in a week or so time is to begin to get feedback from readers – hearing of their stories and experiences will help be tailor the site better to exactly what single people want.  At the moment, I am working in a bit of a vacuum, but that is just the nature of the beast at the early stages of such developments.  My only real concern is that I really have no idea how long it is going to take to generate revenue from this site and I only hope we are able to keep the big bad wolf from the door until then!

When I began this journey, I had no idea of the complexities of it all and just how little I knew about putting together a workable, marketable web-based product.  I think the web designer is now losing the will to live as I have been a proverbial thorn in his side for over a couple of months now but bless him – he is now on version two and at least outwardly, is still talking to me albeit, I’m sure mutter some unmentionables under his breath!  Who can blame him, I am a typical woman who doesn’t know that she doesn’t like something until it is seen and felt in the flesh and somehow – you just know if it’s right or wrong.  Having come this far, we have to keep on trucking until we launch this baby and I am going to have to do something that does not come naturally to me and that is accept that it will not be perfect but will be pretty damned close!

So two weeks till launch and what have I learned?  Firstly, I have a greater appreciation of just how hard it is to find the discipline to work from home when there are so many distractions around from mad collies, to ironing and of course, trips to the gym and coffee or lunch with the girls.  I am far from perfect on the self-discipline front, but I am improving and as the site becomes more and more of a reality, it does become more exciting and therefore easier to apply myself.

Secondly, overcoming the demon of self-doubt has been a rather precarious line to travel, ans I have certainly had days where I have sat back with a large gin and tonic thinking – what the bloody hell am I doing!!  Ten out of ten to the long-suffering husband who has never wavered in his support for this although I am sure there have been times when he could have seen both me and this website far enough.  The wayward teenager is showing marginal interest in the progress only because she cannot get her head around her mother now having no monthly income and is concerned that the loot for the endless cosmetics requests may well run dry!  Who ever said teenagers were a selfish bunch!

So, here we are on the brink of launching Singles Don’t Bite – the online magazine for singles everywhere – at last a real resource which does not assume that all single people want is a date.  There is so much more and I will let you in on a few secrets over the next few days.

I hope my online contacts will help me push this site forward when it is ready or at least send me in the right direction for the nearest job centre – Lets hope it is not the later!

Till tomorrow dear friends xx

You cannot help but be addicted to the Olympics – what an amazing event, what courage and skill, triumph and failure – it’s all there for us to soak up every minute of the day.  I am truly in awe of those athletes and the committment they show to get themselves to the top of their game.  As Bradley Wiggins said in one of his interviews, they all have to sacrifice so much of their life to achieve that level of performance.

Foe us mere mortals, or for me at least, I give up too easily!  I have lost count of the number of gym memberships I have had over the years, I have also lost track of the number of pieces of fitness kit I have bought only to end up using most of them as a convenient clothes horse.  Whether the goal is an Olympic medal or losing a few pounds of flab, the commitment levels still have to be there in one degree or another.

I received the skeleton of my new website yesterday and it is all looking really good.  My challenge however is to write bucket loads of content before I can even begin to consider the launch of this beast.  What I am going to have to do here is get my Olympic head on, set my goals, get focused, put my writing head down and get on with it.  At the moment, it doesn’t seem real – but real it has to be!  I have chosen this as my new career path and unless I want to lose everything I have, I had better get on with it.  If ever I needed motivation, this is the time.

We are heading off to the beautiful island of Shetland this evening, a place where the sun barely sets at this time of year.  Beautiful, peaceful and most certainly inspirational!  I will be finding one of Shetland’s most beautiful views, getting the laptop out and working like I have never worked before!  I hope to launch the new site in four weeks and I hope you will be there to join me.


Till tomorrow dear friends xx

The long-suffering husband appears to have the post holiday blues this morning and is complaining bitterly about his allocated space for clothing and underwear.  Really not sure what his problem is – he has a man cupboard, a man drawer and a man box for all those little bits of man stuff that are in any woman’s world, completely useless.

He apparently had to part with four pairs of his favourite pants in order to get the drawer closed – oh men and their pants!  I suppose I could always combine the scarf drawer with the belt drawer to give him one more bit of man space, or a could always condense my three hanging closets into two to give the man more space.

However, that would involve reducing the quantity of shoes and clothes significantly and that is just not going to happen in my lifetime.  Really don’t know what his problem is I have also given him a shelf in the bathroom, so I reckon the bold boy is doing pretty well.  Oh and one last thing that he chooses to forget – he also has sole ownership of the garden shed – somewhere to store all his man tools and general man crap.

So all in all – he has nothing to complain about but being a man – he will anyway!

Till tomorrow dear friends xx

Ahh! Friday, the king of days!  The day when almost everyone across the country is looking forward to a bit of time away from the day job.  Time is an interesting phenomenon – we spend so little of it in the present and so much of it either looking ahead of us or looking behind to what has gone before.

I was listening to an article on the radio the other day and there was an author being interviewed who had written a book called ‘Embracing the Ordinary’.  He made some very valid points during the discussion but the one that really resonated with me was the one about what people say when they know they are about to depart this world.  Apparently, in the majority of case,s it is what has been left undone or unsaid that torments people the most.  Rarely do people say, I loved going to that office every day for 40 years doing a job a hated or I am so glad I was able to have the cleanest house in the universe and am glad that I spent most of my waking hours with a Hoover in my hand!

I am more convinced than ever now that throwing in the day job is the best hing I have ever done.  This is however a very frustrating period with the website under construction, I am busy writing lots and lots of content to populate the site I can’t get my hands on yet.

Patience has never been my strong point however, realistically it is going to be another 4 weeks before I can launch into the big wide world ans begin my new life as an aspiring entrepreneur.  Many people have asked the six million dollar question – ‘what am I going to do if it doesn’t work’?  That is just not something I plan on contemplating – I have to make it work, failure is not an option here.  What I am going to do is approach this with a very open mind and take all the help and support I can get from people who have been there, done it and got the t-shirt.

One thing is for sure, by making this major change now, I will save myself from having any regrets later in life.  As one get man once said – ‘Better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all’.

Till tomorrow dear friends xx


Its Saturday, the sun is shining – again – and things are certainly looking up.  The wayward teenager does not have malaria and has finally settled into her 4 week volunteering trip to Ghana, the mad collie’s paw is much better and I hear she is back ball chasing on the beach and the wayward husband is now able to stand up straight having pulled a muscle in his lower back which made him walk in such a way that everyone suspected he had had an accident down below!

It got me thinking how we are perceived by others in this crazy world of ours.  What do people see when they look at us, what judgements are they making based purely on visual perception?  We are all guilty of it, perhaps without really being aware that we are doing it.   I found myself sitting on my sunbed people watching yesterday.  There were fat ones, thin ones, attractive and not so attractive ones, tall ones, short ones and everything in between.  What I did notice however were the differences in couples.  We had the Adonis, bronzed male with the six pack married to the small somewhat rotund girls with the big smile.  What brings such different people together?  The we had the guy who spent all day at the bar whilst his girlfriend sat by him attentively drinking her water and reading her magazine as he slowly drank himself into oblivion. 

Who are we to judge?  People make their choices in life, which fit them not people s weird perceptions of the status quo.  Who are we to know what has led them down one path or another, who are we to know what has gone on in their past lives which leads them to where they are today?  It got me thinking – what would people’s perception be of me over this last week.  Do I look like the woman who was once the big director, who threw in the towel to chase a dream?  Does my other half, shorter than me and balding but with the biggest heart in the world look like he is about to embark on his dream of being self-employed once again?  Do we look like two people who, for the first time in a very long time will get no salary cheques at the end of the month?  Who knows and honestly – who cares!  What is important is that behind our external facades, we are living a good life, an unselfish life, an ambitious life, taking every opportunity that presents itself and making the most of what life lays before us.

Today, I am going to suspend judgement and celebrate the differences in all our lives – what a wonderful, colourful world we live in!

Till tomorrow dear friends xx


Finally got the wayward teenager off to Ghana, the mad collies off to the collie hotel and myself and the long-suffering husband on a plane to Lanzarote! Freedom!!!! Well that was until the teenager ended up in hospital with a bad sickness bug – she now thinks she may have contracted malaria and Collie number one has had to be taken the the vet with an injured paw. Is it all worth it I ask myself? Yes the sun is shining, the sky is blue, the Pina Coladas are very tasty indeed, but I find myself feeling like a bit of a bad mother, being away from my brood!

On a happier note as I signed on the the hotel computer this morning, I found the first set of designs for my new website and it looks amazing. For the first time it actually is beginning to feel real and we should be ready for the big launch in about 6 weeks or so. Being that it is a content based site however, I will, from now on in be spending the rest of my life writing acticles and researching content. Would I chnage it and go back to the day job – not a chance, Bring it on!

Till tomorrow dear friends xx

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